Taurus Mar.27th-Apr.3rd

As March draws to a close you can feel yourself lightening up.  The Sun Square Pluto on the 29th presses on you to finally let go of the unnecessary baggage you tow around with you.  It won’t be easy of course but the need will be strong and you will be better for it.  As Venus, your ruler, moves into Gemini on the 3rd your finances will receive a much needed boost.  It will be one of those weeks where getting out and socializing will be high on your list – you are simply feeling too good to stay at home.  You will have money in your pocket and smile on your face.  Aren’t you glad spring is here?

ARIES Free Weekly Horoscope Mar.27th-Apr.3rd

Aries Mar.27th-Apr.3rd

There could be pressures at work on the 29th.  The Sun will square Pluto in your tenth house of career.  It could be one of those days where you really are just fed up.  Don’t worry the feelings will pass.  Finances are still looking good and mid-April will improve even more.  Lucky you with Jupiter still in your second house! You can definitely afford to buy yourself something nice now and although I do not advocate soothing your woes by going on a shopping spree, it will remind you that it is working hard that has allowed you to treat yourself now and then.  Venus moves into Gemini on April 3rd enhancing your ability to communicate effectively.  If you really do want to change jobs or are looking for a promotion now would be the time to get the word out and negotiate a better deal for yourself.