TAURUS Free Weekly Horoscope Mar.13th-20th

Taurus Mar.13th-20th

Venus, Mars and Jupiter will all be in fellow earth signs
this week! Your creative self is emphasized and supported by others on the 14th.  Children are likely to be on their best
behaviour putting your mind at ease. There will be a bounce in your
step under these influences making for not only a fun week but also one which
stimulates your ambitions and entices you to make key changes and reforms.  At the end of the week on the 20th,
the Sun moves into neighbouring Aries. 
Similar to the beginning of the month there may be a lot on your mind
which needs processing.  Again, it is not
the best time to share these ideas quite yet. 
Once the dust has settled you will understand why.

ARIES Free Weekly Horoscope Mar.13th-20th

Aries March 13th-20th

You may find that you feel more ‘grounded’ than usual.  Now is the time to make sure that your daily
activities reflect your inner needs and desires.  It is likely that you will take steps to
improve your health.  In fact paying
attention to anything you do on a day to day basis will be up for reform.  Somehow there is a sense of preparing
yourself for a brand new phase of life. 
The Sun will be moving into your sign on the 20th and you
become aware of how you present yourself to others in action, behaviour and
appearance.  Careful you do not disregard
the opinions of others in a brash way. 
It is true, only you know what is good for you but part of who we are is
entwined in how others see us as well.