Gemini Free Weekly Horoscope Jan.3-10,2012

Gemini Jan.3-10, 2012

 All the planets will be in forward motion for the first few weeks of January.  You will manage to achieve almost everything on your to do list.  From January 3rd to the 7th relationships with friends, lovers and/or coworkers can reach a whole new level.  You may find a way to balance your creativity and imagination with discipline and order.  That may seem contradictory, but consider that every great idea is usually expressed and channelled down well organized pathways before it reaches its final stage of success.  After the 8th, mercury will move into Capricorn. This influence will support your unfaltering determination to stick with any changes you have initiated for the New Year.

Taurus Free Weekly Horoscope Jan.3-10, 2012

Taurus Jan.3-10, 2012

Your soul is seeking change at the beginning of the week.  Career and long term goals as they relate to your financial status will be the first thing that you will want to look at, plan and revise.  After the 8th when mercury moves into Capricorn you will be thinking seriously about what practical steps must be taken to move forward.  If you are thinking of going back to school or teaching yourself a new skill it would be a great idea. It is a good time for learning, in general, so anything you choose outside of your regular routine, such as going on a trip, will serve to fulfill your need to learn.