LEO January Horoscope 2012


What a beautiful month it looks like for you  Leo.  Your creative energies will be high at the onset especially around a significant other.  If you are single you will know just how to attract the object of your affections.  If you are attached, or hoping to be, the stars are smiling down on you.  In fact you feel so optimistic about your ability to attract and seduce that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and you do all you can to match your attractive inner qualities with your outer qualities.  Mid month you will be focused on looking your best and taking care of yourself by following a more sensible diet and becoming more active.  Much like your astrological neighbour Cancer, your sixth house is active giving the ability to really move forward on any fitness goals you set for yourself.

No doubt January will be a busy month for you with events catching you by surprise.  January 13th will be one of your best days this month where you will feel so full of love that it spirals you upwards from the tip of your toes to your head.  Being with the right person at the right time in our lives can offer us a sweet salvation from the rest of the world sometimes.  It is almost impossible to force or manipulate those kinds of energies.  But when we are lucky enough to experience them being in the moment is all that is required.  I say this because at the end of the month, Jan.22nd there is a possibility of pushing a relationship too far too fast which could mar the effects of any positive feelings causing worry and even an unpleasant exchange of words.  Go with the flow this month Leo you are looking great and people are noticing. 

CANCER January Horoscope 2012


It is a common trend to start the New Year with a brand new plan of attack concerning your health.  Several planets are touring your sixth house of health and eighth house of transformation.  You couldn’t have better conditions to start a new health regime.   If you are attached or single it would be great to have a gym buddy to keep you on task.  Actually mid month there is quite a bit of action in your seventh house of partnerships and relationships so it would be a great idea to pair up with someone, making for a great bonding experience. 

The full moon in your sign on the 8th could have you feeling mighty giddy with the prospect of a budding new relationship.  If you are already attached, some truly beautiful energies will be dancing through you.  Cancer is such a deep and emotional soul that when emotions of theirs and others are in harmony it just feels magical.  Both the 8th and the 9th are stellar days for you.

Beauty and transformation also highlight your month suggesting you could see results of your new regime much quicker than you would expect.  It not only makes you look good on the outside, better circulation and glowing skin, but your attitude changes as well.  A positive and determined outlook is everything when attracting the opposite sex (or same sex depending on your preference). 

Most of January will hum along nicely for you.  All your ducks will be in a row and you will be feeling your best.  Keep it up Cancer positive change can create wonderful ripples throughout all areas of your life.