Leo Super Blue-Blood Moon …Jan.31st, 2018

Scopes for the week of January 30th ..

–ECLIPSE in LEO and MERCURY in AQUARIUS January 31st, 2018–

The Leonine Moon draws to Full on the 31st, setting in motion the first set of Eclipses in 2018.

Last week I touched on the fact that this is a Super Moon, meaning it is closer to the earth; A Blue Moon that indicates it is the second Full Moon in the same calendar month. This lunar happening can also be referred to as a Blood Moon, a term used to describe a total Eclipse, as it will, literally, take on a reddish color. All of these fancy quantifiers sound rather ominous – OMG! OMG! A Super Blue-Blood Full Moon Total Eclipse! A major shift is coming! OMG!

While I personally do subscribe to the idea that eclipses mark major turning points, I don’t often expect major events to completely rattle our external world.   There can be definite situational changes happening around us. Yet, the shift that moves us internally, seems to me, to have more significance. In other words, our reactions, understanding of ‘the world’ in light of what unfolds, are the real game changers. And by game changer I mean the main catalysts that alter our perspective. In turn, how we perceive our lives as a whole is altered. It’s part of a regular growth process that re-orients us every six months or so.

We are likely to exhibit or witness an extreme in the area of our chart, governed by Leo: The me, me, me, aren’t I great look at me. From this vantage point we can easily identify the qualities, of the opposite sign, Aquarius: The let’s let everyone shine equally, we can do this together leader.   Insofar as we can balance our need for attention with an interest in making concessions for the a greater good we’ll have a brilliant Solar Eclipse to work with in mid-February. During that time, as we adjust to these perceptual changes, we are better able to consciously initiate a new way forward. 

In general, and in relation to other planetary influences affecting this particular Eclipse, below are the areas of life that will affect your Sun Sign. As always, it is helpful to read your ascending sign, for greater accuracy.  Further still, general Sun Sign forecasts are never as valuable without relating them to dynamics of your unique chart.

It’s also important to emphasize that Lunar Eclipses herald the END of a six-month cycle. In August 2017 intentions set (consciously or not) and/or events put in motion will either be put to rest or reach another phase. Contrary to what I’ve relayed, the potential for outwardly dramatic happenings are high as they play under the influence of ‘Royal-Showboat- Leo’. It’s a quality that Trump, with Leo rising, unabashedly touts.   Needless to say, we are bound to see quite a performance from him now and within the next few weeks.

ARIES: New Love. Creativity. The Group. A unique twist. Unexpected Development.

TAURUS: Home. Family. Work. The Long-Game. Respect. Nerves. Higher education.

GEMINI: Social Responsibility. Information. Gossip. News. Law. Friendships. Travel & Transportation.

CANCER: Money. Investments. Debts. Loans. Self Worth. Family. Unique. Career. Work.

LEO: Ego. Marriage. Close Contacts. Law. Contracts. Commitments. Shadow side. Responsibility. Support. Acceptance. Understanding. Compassion. The teacher and the student as one.

VIRGO: Dreams. Intuition. Daily life. Health. Transformation. Epiphanies.

LIBRA: Groups. Institutions. Creativity. Children. Marriages. Contracts. Commitments. Responsibilities.

SCORPIO: Career goals. Authority. Family. The boss. Schedule change. Health.

SAGITTARIUS: Law. Learning. High Road. Communication. Understanding. Children. Expression. New Love. Creativity.

CAPRICORN: Money. Investments. Shared Resources. Inheritances. Family. Home. Unexpected Income/Loss. Flash of insight/understanding.

AQUARIUS: Family. Base. Motivation. Career. Pride. Information/News & Inspiration

PISCES: Health. Food. Routine. Network. Friendships. Dreams. Money. Self-worth