Aquarius Free Weekly Horoscope Jan.10-17,2012

Aquarius Jan.10-17th, 2012

Have you have been feeling a little withdrawn lately and aren’t sure why?  Deep down you may know that something needs to change.  It looks like you will take decisive action on the 13th.  By the 14th it may be evident that your mystery has been solved.  That may be partly true, but not entirely.  The issue is likely to resurface later in the month.  Also, the current trends may trigger inner dialogue which focuses on your values, which include but are not limited to your finances.   You may be surprised to notice things about yourself and how you live your life that you never really considered before.

Aquarius Free Weekly Horoscope Jan.3-10, 2012

Aquarius Jan.3-10, 2012

From the 3rd to the 7th you may feel like playing politics.  Your intention is to creating a better working environment, home life or social network.  It is likely that taking the helm will set you and others around you in a very agreeable direction.  You seem to know how to catch the perfect wind for smooth sailing.  After the 8th you may find a need to attend to your inner self.  Perhaps the changes you have made are sparking a fantastic array of thoughts that simply demand your attention.