ARIES Nov.3rd-9th, 2015


Tuesday November 3rd to Monday November 9th, 2015 

The urge to spread your wings is taking its toll on you Aries — especially if you feel restricted in any way. Part of you is likely tied up in past patterns that desperately need airing. Working methodically or being physical in general can be just the ticket to channeling any pent up energies that really just seem to be pooling.

Deep down you really are determined to face the hard stuff – specifically but not limited to your career/work or contemplating the direction you are taking on a broad scale. If what you discover on your depth diving churns your otherwise clear waters into a muddy mess then yes – major change is warranted.

I am hesitant in advising you to throw out the baby with the bath water but should you deem that necessary there is sure to be something that will quickly fill the place of any loss you feel. If nothing less the process of unburdening yourself could release energy you didn’t even know you had. Also, there is solid support standing by, be it your significant other, a close friend or family member. Whatever the case you will be okay. It is also possible that you are needed by someone else and have to make a decision to honor your commitment and loyalty to that special someone. If you are single, you are realizing more than ever how important someone is in your life and feel the need to be there. No one is an island.


Tuesday November 3rd to Monday November 9th, 2015

Time to get down to business. If there is something that irks you find a way to make peace with it or come up with a workable solution to free yourself from stress. If you suspect what has got your goat stems from a long ago situation reframe it or learn from it and carryon. There is no sense in letting it weight you down any longer. Besides the deeper you venture into your own workings and the more you investigate and tussle with the patterns of your authentic self the greater reward you stand to gain – one that can see the coin flip in your favour rather quickly. In other words movin’ on up and taking the high road will get you much further and prepare you in the best way possible for the New Moon in Scorpio next week.

NOVEMBER MONTHLY FORECASTS are running late but should be up shortly.  Don’t forget to check back.


ARIES Free Weekly Horoscope Dec.17th-24th, 2013

ARIES Dec.17th-Dec. 24th, 2013

This is a busy week where career matters are concerned.  Failing that your reputation and status are becoming more and more important.  A short time ago travel and expanding your everyday boundaries was a hot topic on your mind.  As the Sun and Mercury are set to move into serious minded Capricorn this week a determined hardworking approach is tantamount if you want to rekindle the excitement you so recently felt.  Where there is a will there is a way – but not without hard work.  The New Year is getting closer everyday and so setting new goals, but more importantly sticking to them is what can bring you the kind of future you hope to have. Don’t worry so much about the time as putting heart and enjoyment in the process of getting there.  Since Capricorn rules your tenth house the lesson for Aries is to do the work necessary and curb the need for instant gratification.  All good things come to those who wait.  Also, the tenth house is about awards and recognition.  The spotlight is on you and if you use it to your advantage (that means not slacking and taking the positive recognition for granted) you can absolutely see any of your long hoped for goals come to fruition.

FULL MOON in GEMINI Dec.17th:  This Full Moon glows in your communication, education and family sector. Unfortunately it will square your ruler Mars making for tense conversations.  Curb the sarcasm unless you really want things to get heated.  There will be a definite need to discuss ‘the details’ with one person in particular.  This is of utmost importance as Neptune has you under a spell.  Do you really have all the facts?  The temptation to gloss over what doesn’t fit the fantasy playing in your mind is strong.  Therefore keep in mind that working with the facts is what will produce results now.  Furthermore it will help lessen the possibility of conflict.  

2014 has much in store for you Aries.  The much discussed Cardinal Grand Cross will affect your sign significantly …click below for more details: 

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