ARIES November 14th, 2017

The more you absorb from this angle, above it or at a somewhat comfortable distance, the deeper your heels will dig Aries. Oddly,  obsessing with wide eyes in an attempt separate you from them seems born from an instinct to drum up necessary friction. The decision making process has likely been driving you bonkers and so intense intervention by way of toying with extremes is probably exactly what’s needed to get the fire started. It’s a way to engage in discomforts that come when making real advance. The New Moon on the 18th is,  no surprise to you by now, in a transformative zone.  Finance, shared resources (debts, credit, lump sums), intimate relationships are an obvious focal point – the testing ground for extremes in search of balance. From my angle it seems you’re more likely grappling with what it takes to feel psychologically and emotionally centered.


ARIES November 7th, 2017

This week you’ll be dealing with a different kind of pressure than what was felt around the Full Moon.  Last week, the lunar vibes encouraged detaching from unhealthy obsessions.  This week, it seems you’re setting yourself up with and/or dishing ultimatums.  A way to make sure you hang tough to decisions already made?  In a way Aries it is as if you’d be damming up a river that has just started to flow.  It might be of more use to observe the current rhythm life has taken and cruise with this just a bit further.  From there an enhanced understanding of natural laws grants higher purposes a spot in the navigator’s seat. On another level, your chart does hint at a legal issues which may require researching the law, in a conventional sense, before settling on the right approach.