CANCER November 14th, 2017

A welcome, newly emerging tendency to look at your arrangements with softer eyes let’s you in on a little secret.  In the grand scheme of things you’re not in such a bad position.  Mercury’s working with you here to keep wheels turning, generating just enough optimism to stave off the desire to brood.  A heightened interest in whatever you’re engaged in, likely around home base but possibly at work too, suggests there is more to know.  Most knowing can’t be had without engaging,  smack dab in the centre of an experience. You’ll notice that some things don’t matter as much as you thought they would and vice versa.

As the New Moon arrives on the 18th in an expressive area of your chart, it inspires you to grow with the moment not in spite of it Cancer.  No lagging behind. No speeding up ahead.  This experience, of surrendering to changes, especially on the home front,  has as much value as any other.

CANCER November 7th, 2017

The Full Moon likely stirred old issues to be released Cancer.  Whether it was crappy messages from childhood or untended wounds from another time, they mixed with current worries. Hopefully some sense of closure was won.

As a new wave of astrological weather rolls in, it will help you take things as they come between now and early January 2018.  There will be moments of pure love that makes your heart swell.  Exceptionally bright ideas will emerge borrowing from its warmth.  In short,  you’ll be climbing out of whatever rut you’ve convinced yourself you’re in.  The past doesn’t necessarily need to be reframed as much as welcoming more of what the present moment has to offer.