Virgo Free Weekly Horoscope July 17th-24th

Virgo July 17th-24th

You may don a surprisingly miserly attitude this week
Virgo.  The ability to cover unexpected
bills and proceed with future endeavors will depend on it.  Working hard is Virgo’s forte but at times,
you can be fanatical about planning and executing tasks without regard to
others.  In effect, you may blame others
for ‘getting in the way’ of the work you do. 
Saturn sextile Uranus on the 22nd offers an opportunity to
strike a balance between maintaining a tried and truth method while
incorporating a new way of doing things. 

The New Moon on the 19th begins a period of soul
searching. Your introspective side is gaining speed. The Sun moves into Leo on
22nd which will also highlight your twelfth house of soul.  There is a tone of seriousness with this
placement that has you thinking long and hard about what it is you want to
accomplish and how well it fits your spiritual and emotional needs.  Choose your words carefully on the 24th
since it is likely that others won’t quite ‘get’ what you are saying.