NEW MOON in LEO, July 23rd, 2017


July 23rd, 2017

As always, New Moons are a great time for fresh starts.  This one has got an added punch, fueled by energetic Mars and colored by the willful pride of Leo. It should be easy as pie to muster the courage necessary to step into another phase – one your heart considers more suitable. Hopefully, you’ve tuned into what your heart has been telling you all along – Mars is not one wait patiently. 

In fact, this ‘get to it’ attitude and steadily increasing drive for independence will likely take over for the next six weeks while Mars cruises through Leo, far surpassing the initial kick start of this new lunar cycle. In other words,  your heart of hearts will be in the power seat for a while. It would be useful to keep in mind that arguing with the driver won’t get you anywhere fast. Needless to say, Mars can be reactive, especially when it doesn’t get what it wants. To be fair, this strong-willed independent vibe can bring an extra dose of light and laughter—it all depends on how you handle rushes of blood to the head.

In addition to this rather spirited New Moon, an urge to shake free from real or imagined restraints in search of another playground arrives as Venus sits in opposition to Saturn on the 24th.  With these two bound in struggle, there is liable to be a break up, if, again, in your heart, you know ‘this’ just isn’t suitable. On the other hand, this influence could encourage a brief pause in thinking -a chance to channel all this extra energy into turning a new leaf – make a serious attempt at looking at ‘this’ differently. Whatever the case, Einstein’s words explain it best: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”.


July 18th – July 25th, 2017





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ARIES May 23rd, 2017

Born Mar.21-Apr.19

Weekly Horoscope

May 23rd- May 29th, 2017

Most of us are probably behaving rather selfishly right now. Harmonious Venus challenged in headstrong Aries, warrior Mars motivating the independent spirit of Gemini and Pluto sitting at the head of the table demanding its rights for power and respect –preaching seemingly indisputable ‘truths’.   Saturn under Sagittarius is in here too insisting it has exclusive handle on what is and isn’t morally correct. I guess we’ll figure out soon enough where this kind of attitude will take us. Wherever we end up we will have accumulated a stack of lessons learned.

Insisting on your right to freely push ahead waving others wants/needs off does quickly loosen an attachment to harbored fears and insecurities. Will it leave a mess in its wake? It might Aries. However, it may kick-start the necessary dialogue it takes to make everyone, including your self, a bit more lively and willing to dive into the current cosmic rigmarole. If you are, in fact, aiming to prove what works best, might as well throw down your bet to start the game. Of course, there is much more to gain than a token personal win. Noticing how it all unfolds you’ll probably find the greatest take-away is in discovering that it is, not whether its a win or a loss but those satisfying heartbeats that come from engagement – understanding it sometimes takes enviable courage just to step out onto the field. That said, if things get sticky it’ll be difficult to back peddle from who started it. Indeed, as Mars inches into opposition with Saturn you may be struck by a stark reminder to mind your words and will be encouraged to do a double take on what your motives are.

The NEW MOON in GEMINI activates your communications zone. You’ll likely be inspired to gather and share information and otherwise indulge in curiosities. News or a message of particular interest could also find its way to you.

“Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi

ALL SIGNS: NEW MOON in GEMINI May 25th, 2017

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