LEO November 7th, 2017

Last week’s Full Moon may have brought more up and out into the open than was comfortable.  The pressure has dropped.  It’s easier to stroll away arms full with valuable insight.  In fact, the cosmic currents are plucking you out from a ‘deep thoughts spell’ and lightening the air with Mercury’s visit to Sagittarius and lovely Venus’ presence in your domestic sector.  You can afford to loosen up a little more now Leo.  Get comfortable at home, maybe re-arrange your abode to reflect a warmer, happier vibe.


Leo October 31st, 2017

The phrase ‘inner child’ might make you cringe, although, that is exactly who is in play this week. As the Full Moon builds it is your inner child who is connecting to the outside world. Maybe exchanges with children, in a literal sense, require periodic visits down memory lane in search of sound relevant advice for their benefit. Whatever the case, you’ll return from your trip packing a suitcase filled with enough inspiration to go around and still have plenty left over to apply to your own life. For the sake of clarity – it’s the latter the Full Moon is drawing to your attention Leo.