CANCER Free Weekly Horoscope Dec.17th-24th, 2013

CANCER Dec.17th-24th, 2013

Zany Uranus awakens from retrograde on the 17th; the same day as the Full Moon in Gemini.  Surprising turns involving your career or status are likely to come out of the blue between now and the first half of 2014.  In the meantime, you will be focused on current commitments which seem to demand more of you than usual.  Since the Sun moves into steadfast Capricorn joining Mercury and Venus this week working with as much team spirit as you can muster is the order of the days ahead.  Cancer is considered an entrepreneurial sign and more independent than some may think. While you can work well with others, especially in care for others, your unique approach or perspective within the group allows you to maintain your individuality.  In other words you cannot be just another one of the sheep.  It simply isn’t your style.  Considering the less than kind astrological configuration over the holidays  it behooves you to do lean more towards a nurturing ‘we’ attitude as opposed to ‘me’ attitude.  It will at least keep you steady and help avoid the conflict that the planetary vibes incite over the next few weeks. 

FULL MOON in GEMINI Dec.17th: This Full Moon will be in a harsh square with action planet Mars.  Disagreements or volatile energies may stir on the domestic front.  As Gemini rules your twelfth house of unconscious drives you may find yourself genuinely baffled saying “what did I do?”.  There will be the temptation to disengage from  discussions or acknowledge another’s apparent disapproval yet you stand to gain more by at least listening to their side.  

** Your 2014 Annual Overview, detailed January, February & March monthly forecasts will be available within the next few days.  Hopefully all twelve signs will be completed and available by Boxing Day…stay tuned 2014 is going to be one heck of year…

TAURUS Free Weekly Horoscope Dec.17th-24th, 2013

Taurus Dec.17th-24th, 2013

Rebellious Uranus turns direct on the 17th just a few days before we welcome the Winter Solstice. Personal wants and desires take a back seat as you come together with family or those closest to you.  A new truth is imparted where the meaning of togetherness makes far reaching implications.  Christmas Eve (the 24th), in particular, brings with it a meditative energy that incorporates and welcomes compassion for all.  By contrast the 25th looks set to be a day that sees impulsive Mars at odds with the erratic and spontaneous vibes of Uranus.  Keep your blood pressure in check and try to bow out of any situations that have the potential to boil over.

FULL MOON in GEMINI Dec.17th:  This Full Moon glows in the material values sector of your chart.  Money is a concern despite the fact that you have been working extra hard.  While at times working harder pays more sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth it.  Mars, now in your sixth house of work squares this Moon causing friction at the workplace and likely has to do with feeling that you are not getting your due reward.  Keep in mind that you may just be more sensitive to it due to a rise in expenses. 

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