PISCES Free Weekly Horoscope Oct.21st-28th, 2013

PISCES Oct.21st-28th, 2013

You will have to clarify your understanding over the next few weeks while Mercury is out of phase (in retrograde).  If you have plans to travel do confirm and re-confirm the particulars.  Delays, miscommunications and misunderstandings tend to occur more often during this time so it is better safe than sorry.  Also, it is advisable not to start anything new as when Mercury corrects its course you may find that things must be re-done or you were under the wrong impression and must take pains to correct it.  That said you will want to be on the move and even if you are not travelling the itch will definately be there.  It is something new and exciting that you are after and want to be part of.  If you are attached, chances are there will be disagreements  where you don’t see eye to eye or your partner doesn’t have as much enthusiasm as hoped they would.  See if you can get a better understanding of where they are coming from better impulsively reacting.  If you are single the best way to meet that someone special is by doing things you love or even just attempting doing things that you might love… you never know.  Explore!

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CAPRICORN Free Weekly Horoscope Oct.21st-28th, 2013

CAPRICORN Oct.21st-28th, 2013

Social gatherings, meetings and any other kind of networking opportunities are likely to suffer from delays and miscommunications while Mercury retrogrades starting on the 21st.  You will actually want to socialize more than ever yet it just doesn’t come together as often as you would like.  That said, there is a greater likelihood of running into old friends and the dreaded (or not so dreaded) exes while the Sun and Mercury travel through Scorpio.  Consider it a sign — there is a reason or deeper meaning in it.  Either you have to let go of an idea that has been swimming in your head for far too long now or it is time to revive and renew some things that  have been thrown out with the bathwater. Pay attention to your dreams as well since knowing exactly what you want or desire is not clear at the moment.  Venus’ tour through Sagittarius creates a vibe which keeps your desires ‘locked up in a dance’ — twisting turning just not sure where that comfort zone is.  That is where your dreams come in handy.  Musing on metaphorical meanings can give you some kind of relief.  In the meantime Mars does want you to take action and explore new things.  So what if you take a detour here and there?  The most interesting things happen quite spontaneously. 

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