TAURUS November 14th, 2017

Occasional trips to the dark side may have greater influence on what you’re looking at than you think Taurus. The heavy stuff is gradually becoming malleable, working itself into a wider perception. It’s easier to work with stones swallowed and yet working with it provides other challenges. Chopping it up, separating the black from the white probably won’t make it any less grey. It’s still a stone no matter how you seem to cut it.

This week, the more comfortable you are perusing this grey zone the better. Relationships, exchanges with those nearest and dearest, can take on a new form. Committing without the stress of wholeheartedly believing you must choose one way or another, permanently now and forever, is a viable option.

The New Moon, on the 18th, provides fertile ground for these contemplations – the spot where it all meets in the middle, your middle-ground of unadorned instinct. It gives credence to the subtle bits hiding there. Sure, what you discover (or re-discover) can be discomforting.  The penetrating gaze of Pluto taunts an argumentative Mars only a day after the New Moon. However, discomfort has added value this week. If nothing more, it becomes obvious that even the best of us feel lost and in desperation greedily grab for whatever black or white answers suits our purpose. Isn’t it always the extremes that get us into trouble in the first place?

GEMINI November 14th, 2017

The New Moon, on the 18th, reckons it’s time to change the program.   You may have been plagued by indecision or gone through bouts of needing to convince yourself free-style is the only way to go.  Life changes and you’ll change with it, take it as it comes, no problem-o.  If you’ve gone overboard enacting those sentiments though, as a way to conveniently ignore touching base with deeper instinctual needs, you may be thrown off balance.  This week seems you’ll be at the point where it’s like trying to read a memoir with all the juicy stuff blacked out.  It dilutes the resolve to focus on any one direction.  A frustrating experience even if you consider yourself ‘the go with the flow’ type.  Something steady has greater appeal after having cruised every detour around ‘main street’.  The Pluto Mars power punch a day after the New Moon could command your attention and and alter your intentions, to find a place in the centre of this town. Have you gathered enough intel. from the surrounding area?