PISCES January 1st-5th, 2016


Happy New Year!!!

2016 is officially underway …at least on paper. Although, I can’t imagine that concerns you very much Pisces. So many changes have already taken place in the last 4 or 5 months that you don’t seem exactly eager to make any broad life changing strokes. Still, you will notice that you are more focused on manifesting what you do want to unfold in your life. True, you likely suffered going through the motions of experiencing what you don’t want to figure that out – but that is best left in the past. Or is it? Maybe it does have some relevance. A little voice in your head could be going off telling you that some things simply can’t go on the way they are. Those unwanted loose threads likely still linger. Thus, as you begin 2016 your mind will be set on continuing to play for the team as you glean as much from your current experience as possible with hopes of weaving out those extraneous dangly bits.