PISCES November 14th, 2017

When it sounds too good to be true you’ll question it Pisces.  I’ve heard quite a few stories, from Pisces actually, that proves the statement wrong and no doubt you have as well.  Although, this week it seems those too good to be true words are may be coming from you.  If you are promising more than can be delivered, don’t have concrete evidence or are solely relying on a vision you just know will work, it won’t have the tangible quality for others to work with, if you catch my drift.  In another vein, maybe your expectations are set higher than you or anyone else can realistically reach – at least at right now.  The New Moon on the 18th suggests you’re entering a whole new world that requires riding an emotional learning curve.

PISCES November 7th, 2017

My faith in a positive universal life force is always restored, no matter what the celestial weather, by the time it comes to writing your horoscope Pisces.  Your sign is one that seems to, paradoxically, encapsulate the boundless. I can appreciate how confusing that would be – being the sign that seems to take it all in, challenged to go with the flow.  Mercury’s entry into philosopher’s domain, Sagittarius may ease your load from now until the early days of January.  There is a free flow energy in play that, while at times can be challenging, carries you along an upward current. This will become especially apparent in regard to career related matters.