SAGITTARIUS June 13th, 2017

Weekly Horoscope

June 13th-June 20th, 2017

ALL SIGNS: Family and relationship dynamics are at the heart of this week’s horoscopes: Mars continues its tour of Motherly Cancer, Mercury zips along in Gemini (representative of siblings) opposing Father Figure Saturn in Sagittarius, and Jupiter expands our understanding in the relationship sign of Libra. . more for ALL SIGNS: Wonky Week Ahead…


There might be a sense that you are losing ground this week Sagittarius. While, you truly do want to adhere to sobering Saturn principles, following the most practical and responsible route, the temptation to fly above it all might be harder to resist. There’s just too much you want to do, too many people you’d like to engage with or projects of interest on the go. If you’re under any restrictive forces (be it a person, place or thing) how can you work on reviving that Sagittarian spirit of adventure?  No doubt you’ll be thinking you’ve already had enough of Saturn’s spirit dampening antics and deserve to engage in flights of fancy.   That won’t get you out of the bind though. 

Seeking the right balance, leaning on a touch more foresight for the future, will go a lot further then giving in to momentary indulgences.  It can also prevent shaky ground in regards to your home life and/or one particular relationship.  

Keep in mind, that if you are hoping to bypass (bring balance back to) relational difficulties in an elusive manner or decide to play the control card,  you’ll end up with the similar response in return. And so, it might seem as if your losing ground this week Sagittarius.  Upon deeper investigation you’ll realize you’ve stumbled on a way to gain new ground.

“Seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised or a little mistaken.”–Jane Austen

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The above forecasts offer a general view, based only on the relative position of the Sun. Everyone’s chart is unique and so a personal chart analysis based on the particulars of your birthdate, time and place can reveal a very different picture.

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