VIRGO May 23rd, 2017

Born Aug.23-Sept. 21
Born Aug.23-Sept. 21

Weekly Horoscope

May 23rd- May 29th, 2017

Most of us are probably behaving rather selfishly right now. Harmonious Venus challenged in headstrong Aries, Warrior Mars motivating the independent spirit of Gemini and Pluto sitting at the head of the table demanding its rights for power and respect –preaching seemingly indisputable ‘truths’. Saturn under Sagittarius is in here too insisting it has exclusive handle on what is and isn’t morally correct. I guess we’ll figure out soon enough where this kind of attitude will take us. Wherever we end up we will have accumulated a stack of lessons learned.

Heartstrings are pulled at the beginning of the week Virgo. You’ve known this was in the wings; you’ve known that something had to change. You probably knew that this has had less to do with what’s happening around you and more to do with your inner workings too. Thus, as you actively engage in removing no longer useful psychological crutches (born of your own thought patterns or as awakened through current interpersonal dynamics) you will begin to notice an expansion of your breathing room. That isn’t to say you won’t be busy. It will be quite the opposite.

The New Moon in Gemini that takes place on the same day that Venus and Pluto pluck on those heartstrings sets your wheels in motion on an exciting new trajectory. More than one door will open, allowing, at very least, clear glimpses into your future. And your motivation to explore will not be lacking. Yet, despite all the positive attention the universe is throwing your way Saturn’s opposition to Mars on the 29th could produce folks who don’t see the light and happy side of this. If all of your attention is turning towards ‘future-building’ work that could only mean it isn’t on them. Should it be?

“Old man’s gotta be the old man, fish has gotta be the fish. You gotta be who you are in this world, no matter what.”     ― Denzel Washington

ALL SIGNS: NEW MOON in GEMINI May 25th, 2017

These forecasts offer a general view, based only on the position of the Sun. Everyone’s chart is unique and so a personal chart analysis based on the particulars of your birthdate, time and place can reveal a very different picture.

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Mercury & Venus Out of the Shadows

Mercury & Venus Out of the ShadowsMerc & Venus out of Shadow

May 19th & 20th, 2017

Vampires get the joy of flying around and living forever, werewolves get the joy of animal spirits. But zombies, they’re not rich, or aristocratic, they shuffle around. They’re a group phenomenon, they’re not very fast, they’re quite sickly. So what’s the pleasure of being one? –Margaret Atwood

The New Arrangement

Maybe not all of us are feeling as eager to grab the bull by the horns or as hopeful that we are heading in the right direction at the beginning of the week. However, Mercury’s re-entry into Taurus, where it will remain until June 6th can help keep our minds focused. It only ever takes concentration on your two steps and a heart beat to be in sync with the universe’s rhythm. And so, while Mercury finds its way passed the degree where it began backsliding into Aries on May 20th there will be quite a few things we’ll be leaving behind – namely the mayhem that comes with transition. That does not mean there isn’t anything left to do, only that we’ll at least have caught site of a relatively clear path forward.

Wanting Venus will also be moving passed the degree it began moving backwards into Pisces. Time spent deliberating if this is, in fact, what we want, who we want is reaching the tail end on the 19th. Come what may, we’ve chosen to be right here, right now. And since it seems to have been a conscious decision, for the most part, we owe it to ourselves to stand firm and alert.

At this point, if you have misgivings about your choices, take heart that whatever the consequences they won’t be as tension filled as last month. Taskmaster Saturn is constructing a new set of rules to abide by that, while different (maybe uncomfortably so) and potentially restrictive, does provide a sense of stability that has been missing. It’s hard to argue that without the introduction of some kind order there would be no time or space to indulge in those satisfying, hard earned sighs of relief.  

Mercury has given us time to think through our depths and Venus has brought us to the bottom of our hearts. Keep what good you found close you’ll need it on the ride up.

Next week the Sun and Moon greet in Gemini extending our list of things to do, people to see and places to go– a chance to get a real feel for how these ‘new arrangements’ will fly.


May 16th – May 22nd, 2017

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