VIRGO November 14th, 2017

You’re apt to feel more secure, able to get ‘it’ done by adapting a wide angle lens Virgo. The small stuff you’re normally keen on handling can be too much (even for you) if you’re not operating under a big broad umbrella of reason as to why you’re handling it the first place.

Also, it’ll be difficult not to get side-tracked by a rather thick emotional ebb and flow pervading the air.  Those cliche quotes, relatable memes that usually elicit a brief nod as you skim passed? They stick.  They hover.  Their resonance distracts.  A few lightbulbs flick on too. They help cut through the doubting Thomas’ in your mind and quiet nameless folks you’ve assumed would be, could be, cons to your pros. Everything is useful, adding to the dilemma of what to do with all of ‘this’.

The New Moon, on the 18th encourages spending time arranging pieces that will make as much sense today as tomorrow when it finally all comes together.

VIRGO November 7th, 2017

Last week’s Full Moon, while tension filled for some, did leave you with a few valuable pearls of wisdom. You know there’s more where that came from and so if you need more time and space to explore the ocean floor, so to speak, I advise you to take it Virgo.  As your bigger picture emerges under the current cosmic influences, every detail, piece of new information, ‘pearl of wisdom’ gathered really does reshape your perspective profoundly.   That is especially true in regard to your concept of home.  Career aspirations are apt to be reformed as well.  It’ll be an ongoing theme between now and into the New Year.